Are Others Crazy – Or Am I?

Hi, I’m Sari. A writer by profession and a worrier by birthright. Over the past few years, I’ve written several blogs for work (some of them I still write regularly). But I’ve never had a blog of my own. Until today. And that’s only because my very dear husband got me this blog as a birthday gift. Kind of a funny gift, I know. But here’s the thing – I’ve spent the last 29 years being both extremely low-maintenance and ridiculously opposed to spending money. Which pretty much ruled out all typical wife gifts like jewelry, electronic gadgets or clothing of any type. So what’s a guy to do?

I want to use this blog for two specific purposes:

  • To document this coming year (and future years, I hope), during which I’ve vowed to embark upon a project of learning how to relax – something I haven’t been able to master, pretty much my entire life. It’s a funny thing to teach oneself, but I figure that if I don’t get the hang of it now, I’ll drive myself crazy before I’m 40. And I might drive my husband crazy first. And if I don’t have people like you checking up on me, I’m not really sure I’ll stick to my resolution.
  • To share with you the crazy experiences that I encounter regularly – you know, the ones that cause me to shake my head and say: SERIOUSLY?

Like today. I got an invitation to Hollie’s kindergarten party, at 4:30 in the afternoon. With a note that said ‘please don’t bring siblings’. SERIOUSLY? With 36 kids in the class, and an average of 4 kids per family, that’s about 144 kids that will need babysitters on a day when half of the neighborhood kids are tied up in lessons of all types. Am I being unreasonable to think that at the very very least, if the parents have to miss work anyway, they should make this type of assembly during school hours when nearly all of the siblings will be in school?

Anyway, today is my birthday. My boss has told me that I can relax, and not work so hard. Did he mean it? Does he really want me to be less productive? The workhorse (um, devoted worker) in me is asking why his company should suffer because I happened to be born today? This is the type of situation that I find stressful, when I should find it relaxing. But, because it’s my birthday, and because he really did tell me to ‘relax’, I’m going to quit working a bit early tonight. And then I’m going to go relax by folding a mountain of laundry.

It’s a good thing I have a whole year to master the relaxation thing…because I sense I’m not quite there yet.



Yup, it's true. I write all day for work - and now, apparently, I write for fun too.


12 thoughts on “Are Others Crazy – Or Am I?

  1. Happy Birthday ! I am glad you like your present, even if u had to tell him its what you wanted and even though we didnt get the color right. We love you and wish for you that you reach your goal easily.

  2. what a unique birthday gift – from a husband that knows you quite well! I look forward to reading it this year, in addition to our usual emails. But seriously, Sari, no jewelry???!!!!???

  3. Happy Birthday Sari! What a great gift. I will be reading your blog regularly, and if you have any life- altering ideas on how best to RELAX, I will be sooo happy. Looking forward to each entry. All my love,

  4. 1. Awesome gift for everyone since we get to benefit
    2. Happy b-day -this is soo cool – props to Mord!
    3. Let’s talk seudah so you can start to relax early -or am I already too late????!!
    4. Where can I get a cartoon of myself?I’m thinking of making it into wallpaper….

  5. what a great gift. your first entry is hysterical. enjoy the experience. i am looking forward to reading your posts on a regular basis. if you find the secret to relaxing, please make sure to share it with all of the rest of us neurotic obssesive compulsives.

  6. Our Dear Sari!

    Loved it! – your writing, photo, etc., etc. You are an extremely wonderful and creative writer. Keep it comeing

    Love ya

    Barbara & Saba

  7. happy birthday to my worrywart neice whom i love dearly. i am always looking for tips on how to relax, as it has not been one of my strong points. so do share, honey!

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