Hearing is Believing

It almost seems inappropriate to be writing about anything other than the brutal murders that took place in Itamar last night. ItAzi Holtz almost seems insensitive. But when I think about it, I can only conclude that by failing to take note of the miracles of today, we’ll only be conceding defeat to the tragedy of yesterday.

And so, it is both with heavy heart and extreme joy that I relate the miracle we witnessed within our own home, only hours before the massacre took place. Most people don’t know that our son, Azi, did not hear when he was born. He did not pass his hearing test at birth, not at 3 days, not at 1 month. He didn’t pass at 3 months, at 6 months or at a year. Over time, we discovered that the likely culprit of this hearing ‘impairment’ was fluid in the ear, something treatable with routine surgery. And so it was, after over a year of fighting with doctors to perform the surgery, that Azi got tubes in his ears in an attempt to drain the fluid.

Doctors predicted that the results would be immediate. That we would suddenly know he could hear perfectly. And yet, this was not the case. Although we always knew that Azi could hear something, we had no sense after the surgery that he heard differently than he did before. Until Friday. On Friday, two full weeks after the surgery, we witnessed a breakthrough. When our friends came for dinner, Azi was able to call one of them “Kiva” (aka Akiva). It sounds so simple, but for the past 4 months, Azi had been calling him “Bobby,” because that is what he heard. On Friday, he finally heard correctly.

On days like today, it almost seems easier to be without hearing. To be immune to the cries and screams of neighbors, friends and countrymen. And yet, we’ve been blessed with the gift of hearing. While we cannot ignore the cries, we can and must drown them out with laughter, singing and the grating sounds of new constructions in Israel. It won’t be easy, but I can tell you with certainty that time and faith can truly bring miracles.



Yup, it's true. I write all day for work - and now, apparently, I write for fun too.


14 thoughts on “Hearing is Believing

  1. Awesome! I think you hit the perfect, appropriate tone under the circumstances. So happy for you guys to have this particular challenge behind you.

  2. Wonderful, beautiful, faith-restoring. We are overjoyed, despite the sorrow. Now that he can hear, tell him we’re coming!!!

  3. beautifully said! you captured perfectly the dichotomy of living in a country where despite the all too frequent tragedies, life goes on and people are able to rejoice about their personal triumphs and those of their friends and neighbors. btw, who taught you how to write so well?

  4. there is soul , sensitivity and insight in your writing. Truly a miracle and yes we need to look at the world celebrating the good and miraculous and mourning the tragedies.

    Thanks for sharinng

    Barbara & Saba

  5. Words that are from the heart enter the heart. So pleased to hear about Azi…No more excuses for mischief, I suppose 🙂 May we continue hearing good news cuz we need nothing short of a miracle in the big picture

  6. really, bobby? where did THAT come from? that kid is cute, and i am so glad he made a breakthrough. now you have to teach him dani, esti, dalia, and most importantly AUNTIE NAAVA. and yes, i agree, if we work towards it, we can bring miracles…

  7. wow, sari, that’s such great news about azi’s hearing BH! things like that remind us all not to take the gift of health for granted. and in light of the tragedy that happened, we must never take the gift of LIFE for granted.

  8. Dearest Sari,

    It was a beautifully and sensitively written piece that was “sermonic.” You took a personal event and appropriately applied it to a wider audience.

    Keep the good news coming.

    Love, Poppy and Malka

  9. dearest sari, beautifully stated!
    in this small country of ours, we all share the sorrow of one family whom we don’t even know personally, as we, your family, share the joy of azi finally hearing sounds correctly.

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