Leaving Good Enough Alone

You know those days where everything seems to be going right? The sun seems a bit brighter, the kids seem slightly less cranky, and maybe you’re even feeling that much skinner? I’ve been having an entire week like that – but for some reason, my ecstasy is

Cute Holtzes

Yup, like I said, 'darn cute'

tempered by this horrible nagging feeling.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a pessimist (at all!), but for some reason, I just feel too skeptical that I could be ‘just that’ lucky. I mean, I’m already lucky enough to have a fantastic family, a beautiful house and great friends in a wonderful neighborhood. But to also have so many unbelievable opportunities presented at once seems almost entirely unbelievable. Because I’m also inexplicably superstitious, I’m afraid to say anything about what’s going on. And it’s nearly irrelevant. I felt fantastically blessed yesterday when I managed to get rides with two strangers from the train station practically to my door. And that’s not even such a big deal (or maybe it is?).

I can’t help but wonder what is wrong with me, that I can’t seem to relax or to enjoy the ride when so many things seem to be falling suddenly into place. Is it normal to be so uptight for no rational reason? I have no reason to think that anything will go wrong, or that my good fortune will suddenly reverse. But I also have no reason to think I deserve any of the miracles that have recently come my way.

I’m really not looking for any pats on the back, or anyone to say that of course I deserve good things. I don’t doubt that I’m a relatively decent person, and that I always mean well (even if it doesn’t come out that way). And I think I’d really be fine if everything just continued on its merry way of being good, instead of great. It’s not that I’m aiming for mediocrity, but rather that I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with good. I’m cool with having a job I love, even if it won’t make me a millionaire (yet). I’m ok if my kids aren’t the best athletes on the baseball team, or the best singers in the choir, or the absolute smartest kids in the class. As long as they are generally happy and well-adjusted (and also, darn cute). I can live with my totally scratched and mangled glasses that survived being toasted and run over by a car, as long as I can continue to see out of them (and don’t have to waste time or money going to replace them). For me, good really is good.

So why is it then that when a few really wonderful things start to happen all at once, I start to feel tense and more than a little bit panicked? Why is it that I start to wonder when something terrible will happen when there’s no reason to think so? Is this a normal behavior or some sort of psychotic paranoia? And how on earth can I learn to just let go and relax a teeny, tiny bit? For my own sanity, if nothing else?





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6 thoughts on “Leaving Good Enough Alone

  1. yes it is psychotic paranoia and you have to stop it. enjoy the ride while you can because as we know, in the words of the famous philosopher form kfar sava, “hachaim heim lo picnic!” life is not always cheerful and great so when it is, soak in the good times, thank god for your good fortune and enjoy every minute. it will make the down times that much more tolerable.

  2. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s ‘psychotic paranoia’, but I would agree that you are adept at dealing with the difficult times, and could learn to enjoy the good times. If you were a person that fell apart when things got rough, then waiting for the other shoe to fall would be stressful, as you would be nervous about dealing with the stress…but, despite the frustration/disappointment/aggravation of the down-times, you do get through it…you know you always will…so yes, allow yourself–TEACH yourself–to enjoy the good times as well…they are well deserved.

  3. We love you and your quirks, but you are certainly not alone on this one. I totally get it! It has taken me a long time to realize this “flaw” in myself and now that I am aware of it, I challenge myself to move past it each and every day. I/we enjoy the good, celebrate the great, and look forward to the best each and every day. And as long as we are doing it with family and friends life is fantastic.

  4. Now I’m really curious…This totally makes me wanna pick up where we left off in your tale of “amazings”! I totally relate to the “oh my g-d, it’s all gonna go south from here!” fear. So, now that you know that you’re in great company, enjoy the company & let the fear go. &, for pete’s sake, you DO deserve it!

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